Friday, 28 September 2018

Move Ya Body animation

Hello my name is Manuel and this is my move your body animation. My chosen sport is soccer. The red team is playing against the blue team. They are doing tricks and flips then one of the blue members gets injured and the nurses come to his aid. Thanks for watching.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Neds kindness adventure

Today at the Pt England School assembly we went to Ned’s kindness adventure. Ned and Cozmo were there and the whole school was at the pt england school assembly they talked about kindness.hen we got there there was a inflatable tv there and we watched videos of how to be kind. Then we watched a video of kids in Kanya, there country is so different than our country. fter the video we watched more kindness videos of kids in Kanya. After all the videos Cozmo and Ned brought two students up, then they did a pop quiz of kids in Kanya and h vnow different our country is then there country and Cozmo was holding a bell in his hand. When cozmo tells them a question the first one to ring the bell can answer the question. After the quiz they both got rewarded with a Kanyan treasure they looked so cool. fter more cool kindness videos Cozmo and Ced needed one volunteer  to go up I was the lucky one and I got chosen out of the whole school when I went up Cozmo put a Kanyan outfit on me. Then I had to do a warrior pose. Then he took a photo and gave the photo to me after that he said for my bravery of going up he gave me a Kanyan treasure it was a handmade lion tooth for a necklace and I wore it on my neck. My heart was racing when I went up my body got the goosebumps and I was sweating like a waterfall was running down my body. When I went down back to the ground I felt proud and brave like a strong brave warrior and I was happy then we watched more kindness adventure videos from Kanyan kids and he did a kindness song and he involved magic in the song I was impressed by his magic. At the end of the assembly he said at the tuck shop there will be a sale and they will be selling lots of cool Kanyan treasures. We will be given a notice to see the prices.

Friday, 29 June 2018

History of flight time line

About one thousand years before Jesus was born, someone in china invented a kite that can lift someone. About 900 years later the king of england jumped of the church so he can test his wings but he failed and died. About 500 years ago leonardo de vinci drew his flying machine inventions. Around 1700 a guy invented a flying airship. In 1843, George Cayley identified the four forces of flight. Sixty years later the wright brothers made a successful  flight. In 1930 a guy invented a big jet engine. 40 years later the big jumbo plane carried loads of passengers from New York to london. Fast-forward 40 years a man invented a jetpack to fly in the sky. In the same year a guy invented a flying car that can transform into a car then can turn into a plane.

Forces of Flight animation

This is my animation about the four forces of flight.